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Caring for people

As a future-facing company, we value the people and communities we work with as much as those for whom we manufacture our products, contributing in a variety of ways to the 3rd SDG: Good Health & Well-being

Investing in people is investing in the future

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Accomplished so far for people

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      of Management female

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      of employees recommend Design Group as a good employer

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      feel valued within Design Group

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      like the leadership style

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      see professional growth and career opportunities for themselves within Design Group

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      are proud to work for Design Group

DG Academy

We founded our in-house training institute, Design Group Academy, in 2013.

The aim is to give all staff access to new knowledge, competencies and qualifications in both hard and soft skills. We work with internal and external educators. Since its inception, the Academy has been an engine for personal and business growth.

DG University

Design Group University saw daylight in 2019. Here, we invite different guest speakers to cover a broad range of topics, from sports to mental well-being to business and societal challenges.

The University’s two half-day sessions per year are open to all staff, offering inspiration, opportunities to (re)connect, and a lot of fun.

Valuing our people and our community

By 2030 2023
95% of our total workforce attend relevant training, external or DG Academy, at least once every three years
100% of our total workforce have an annual development review which also covers health
Absenteeism rate is below 4%
We donate 100 euros per employee to charity
Work experience placement
5% of our positions are work experience places