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A shared future

Focusing on maximum positive impact, we have aligned our Because We Care 2030 programme with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are contributing to SDGs by treating products, planet and people with vision and care

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    Responsible consumption & production

    We recycle 100% of our gift wrap paper, waste and process water, with many more ambitious goals in view.

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    Climate action


    In caring for the planet, we have reached major milestones, including being Climate Neutral Certified.

    Good health & well-being

    Good health and well-being mean creating the conditions people need to learn, choose and grow.

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Everything we do has impact

The focus of our Because We Care 2030 programme is on the three SDGs we can impact most. The programme also touches on other SDGs, of course, such as: SDG#4, ‘Quality education’, SDG#5, ‘Gender equality’, SDG#7, ‘Affordable and clean energy’, and
SDG#8, ‘Decent work and economic growth’. Want to learn more or get involved? Make an appointment to see our Because We Care 2030 slide presentation.